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  1. When querying for schools, don't be uptight. What I mean is don't type out "Harvard Medical School" - just "Harvard" is good. Don't type out "University of California, Los Angeles" - just "UCLA." Ironically, I become more and more unpredictable the more specific you are.
  2. When specifying medical schools, make sure to separate each school by a comma and a single space! Otherwise, I don't know what will happen.
  3. If a query looks like it's not working, go to this link and try querying the medical school name exactly as you see it there.
  4. No need to include the words "medical school" or "medical college" when specifying a school entry. I get it, you're applying to med school.

I am looking for data from the AMCAS application year. I am interested in looking for data on when became available. Please report data on the following schools:

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